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Your Style can…


Your Style can influence the way you feel about yourself, how people perceive you and how a woman feels about you as a man.
While growing up, Tall, Dark and Handsome use to be our Mantra when asked the kind of men we wanted, but as we got older, responsible and having a clearer understanding of what we can make do with, majority of us Ladies Mantra changed to; God fearing, Rich and Stylish!!! *winks*

I recently went to Slot to get a phone case for my Nokia Lumia 1520, I met a man who was making passes at me, I got turned off not because he isn’t handsome, but he wore an expensive long pointed leather shoe, with his socks sticking up, a Jean short, a pink polo and a Panama cap, he looked like a cave man who just got rich and he is trying so hard to impress. I gave him the not interested look, he finished his transactions and left disappointed.


I felt a bit of pity and thought Never judge a book by it’s cover, but hey! I snapped out of it; you are addressed the way you dress.
Here are Top 5 ways to attract a woman with your Style and not Break the Bank while at it;
– Own the top 10 fashion essentials for men : For a formal or casual kind of guy, the top 10 must have in every man’s wardrobe are A white shirt, A pair of Jeans, A pair of pants trousers, a T-shirt, a Pam slippers, a belt, a pair of black shoes, a sneaker, a Suit and a wrist watch.



With these, you can switch up from basic to classic what ever your style is.

– Dress to suit your Body Type ; Like women, men have different body types, it is important to know and understand your body types, it helps you define your style. If you have well toned muscles, short or tall, chubby or lanky, there is a style for every man.

A little accessorizing, show of chest, folding of sleeves and understanding trends is some way kind of sexy in a masculine way. In our next issue, we will be sharing what outfit suits what body type, so kindly subscribe.

– Get a fashion magazine for Men ; If you can’t afford a stylist, online and print magazines such as GUYMAN STYLE and GQ are your go-to for tips on how to Style outfits, how to pair outfits, match colour codes, accessories and know what outfit suits what occasion.
– Body Language – You can wear your heart on your sleeves; bare it all with a charming smile, winking and footsteps that screams masculinity!

Grooming – A nice long lasting cologne, minty fresh breath, well groomed beards and nails, sets our maginations running wild and thinking the many things we can do behind closed doors *wink*

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